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In order to achieve self sufficiency in Raw Material availability, we made a strategic decision in May 2008 to enter the agro sector with the intention of having our own cassava plantations. In line with this decision, the name of the company was changed to PT. Sorini Agro Asia Corporindo Tbk from PT. Sorini Corporation Tbk.

Through contract farming projects in Lampung and Ponorogo, we have currently over 7,000 Ha cassava plantations which provide supply of roots to our starch manufacturing plants.

The contract farming provides many advantages to farmers as the company undertakes to purchase all produce grown, within specified quality and quantity parameters. We support small-scale farmers by providing quality seeds, fertilizers, monetary and technical assistance to improve productivity.

The farmers not only learn skills such as record keeping, the efficient use of farm resources, improved methods of applying chemicals and fertilizers, knowledge of the importance of quality, but also gain experience in carrying out field activities according to a strict timetable. They often apply techniques introduced by management to other cash and subsistence crops.

The company aims to foster managerial skills needed through training programs, organizes field days to demonstrate the latest production methods. A further advantage of contract farming is that it offers stable prices to farmers. The company also has a direct economic interest in improving farmers' production and welfare.



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